Tiya's venture into photography ignited in 2008 within the glamorous world of fashion. Her lens unraveled stories of style and elegance, crafting visuals that spoke volumes. However, in 2012, she heeded the call of heartfelt narratives and transitioned her focus to weddings. This pivotal shift marked a fusion of her fashion finesse with the emotive depth of capturing love in its purest form.

Tiya's expertise isn't just self-crafted; she sought guidance and learning from the best in the industry, training extensively in Dubai, New York, and Canada. This global exposure honed her skills, enriching her artistic vision and refining her approach to capturing the essence of love stories.

Based in Southern California, Tiya's reach extends far beyond state borders. Her artistry and commitment to storytelling through imagery have led her to serve clients across multiple states, delivering heartfelt, evocative photographs that transcend boundaries.

What sets Tiya apart is not just her talent behind the lens, but the incredible team she leads. A collective of skilled photographers and videographers stands by her side, each contributing their unique artistry while aligned with Tiya's vision of encapsulating emotions in every frame.

Beyond weddings, Tiya nurtures a dedicated kids and family studio nestled in Mission Viejo. Here, amidst warmth and creativity, she captures the beauty of familial bonds, freezing moments that families will treasure for a lifetime.

Through years of experience, guided by the amalgamation of fashion finesse and emotional depth, Tiya continues to weave captivating stories. Her commitment to evoking genuine emotions in her imagery remains steadfast, ensuring that each frame narrates a timeless tale of love and connection.


Newsha & Soroush

“Choosing Tiya as our wedding photographer was one of the best decisions we made. She was so much more than a photographer on our big day; she became a part of the magic. Tiya's energy was infectious, and her enthusiasm matched ours. It felt like she wasn't just capturing moments; she was living them with us. Her expertise shone when she seamlessly directed me, our videographer, and all the guests to ensure every shot was perfect. I was genuinely at ease knowing she had everything under control.”

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